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2010 CQA/ACC  Quilt Teacher of the Year

Classes and Presentations


  • .Amish: traditional patterns, one or two wall hangings
    18" square pieces, history and colour freedom. Who are the Amish and why are they is their work so unique?

  • Bear’s Paw Revisited: original  Canadian "Black Crow Quilt Designs" wall hanging
    27" square, tradition meets fabric manipulation curves. 
  • .Canadiana In Cloth: Canadian History series; 8 class course over 8 months
    3 hour class lecture and demonstrations with sewing done at home. Learn about Canadian history and world contributions like you have never heard before. Each student incorporates their own background and culture as we build a base of traditional blocks set together in a random set arrangement. No two quilts have ever been the same, they are as individual as their makers. You never expected to learn this much about our country while having so much fun.

  • Celtic: traditional pattern, suitable for a wall hanging or pillow
    Bias interlacing, hand applique to make an 18" square. 
  • Convergence: by Ricky Tims, art quilt
    27" x 29" slice, shift and sew for a fun class that will amaze you with the results.

  • Dominion Days: original  Canadian "Black Crow Quilt Designs"
    36 1/2" Square Wall Hanging or 52 1/2" Square Picnic/Throw Quilt
  • Feathered Star: magazine pattern from 1980’s, wall hanging
    38" square wall or table piece. Fearless half square triangles in a striking star.
    Make one for every season, it's that striking and easy to do!  

  • Garden Trellis: traditional pattern with a new technique for assembly created by Dianne,
    wall hanging or throw quilt;54" x 66".
    Also Miniature Garden Trellis: 22" x 28" wall hanging
  • Hand Quilting: Traditional hand quilting, uncover the nest of variables that work for or against your stitching.
    Unravel the mystery(there isn't one) and discover the tranquility and satisfaction of slowing down.  .
  • "In Honour Of…": original pattern by "Black Crow Quilt Designs"
    36" sq or 24" x 48" rectangle wall hanging. Piece features traditional Maple Leaves and original
    Poppy design in a random set to make a field for photo transfer and memorabilia collections. Honour our soldiers, past  and  present.

  • Magic Tiles: by Kathleen Bissett, wall hanging or throw quilt, 44" x 58"
    A class full of surprises as you stack, slice, shift and resew fabrics to create new blocks.
  • Quadrille Twister: by Martha Thompson, 37" square wall hanging
    Turn Ho Hum squares into dancing pinwheels, it's amazing, it's magic, it's fun.
  • Reversible Quilt: by Sharon Pederson, table runner, wall hanging or bed quilt
    We make a table runner in class but once you master the technique, the possibilities are endless.
  • Trapunto: suitable for a pillow, workshop of bas relief quilting
    called boutis in France, this class covers padding and cording for added dimension.
  • Tumbling Maple Leaves: original Canadian "Black Crow Quilt Designs"
    20" x 46" table runner. Fabric manipulation makes traditional leaves dance in the wind.  .


  • "Canadian Influences": slide and trunk show
    What do the cultures of the German Mennonites, the Scotch and English have in common? In the small pocket of Southern Ontario each of them, in their own way perpetuate the love of quilting. The influences that shaped how I see colours and designs began in how and where I was raised. This presentation lets you peek into that life and how the later influences of the West Coast brought my quilting to where it is today.
  • "C.P.R. - Conservation, Preservation, and Restoration: Breathing New Life into Old Textiles":
     lecture and demonstration
    Protecting your textile treasures can be as simple as recognizing the condition they are in and taking simple steps to ensure that you minimize any future deterioration. Heirloom pieces can be fragile, so learn to identify what conditions are harmful to textiles so they are preserved for future generations.
    Lecture covers cleaning methods and proper display and storage options.
  • "Threads of Canada": trunk show
    Trace the history of Canada from the first settlers who needed to provide for their families in the raw wilderness through the development of cottage industry, watermills to factories. This is a thumbprint of Canadian history that will help you understand and appreciate how our country was established and  evolved. Trade blankets to homespun, World Wars, the Great Depression, each decade tells a story through to present day.
    Presentation 1 hour and includes a large interactive display of quilts and artifacts, textile and otherwise.
  • "What I Do and How I Got Here!": trunk show
    As a fifth generation quilter there have been a lot of influences in my journey through the textile world. My continued fascination with cloth speaks volumes to the patience of my first 4-H leaders.
    This presentation traces my development in quilting from the very first quilt that was ever given to me as a child, ones that I have inherited, acquired at auction sales and of course the classes and projects that I have enjoyed teaching throughout the last 37 years.

  •   "Spinning Wheels and Assorted Yarns" : talk and power point presentation.
    This is the story of an adventure that my husband and I embarked on in 2011. It explains why a long time quilter, being of relatively sound mind and body, sets out to cycle across Canada. All 7,710 kilometres in 72 days, camping along the way. It was a unique way to get up close and personal with this magnificent country and get a true appreciation of it's cultural as well as geographical differences.
  • "Feed Sacks to Fancy Things" : trunk show
    A look back at the history of transporting goods: from barrels to burlap and the evolution to the feed sacks that we hear so much about. From the adage of "use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without", we look at the lowly cotton sack and how it became an early example of marketing at it's finest, while tracing it's path from function to fashion.

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