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Table Runner 20”x 48”

     Enhance your décor by creating a unique table runner with as
    few as two fabrics, or a multiple of prints for a very different look.

     Learn to redefine a traditional block using fabric manipulation
    to give it a contemporary flair.

    Fabric selections may feature vivid leaves on a striking dark
    background or let soft coloured leaves pool on a gentle background.
    The leaves may be all the same, each different or multiple fabrics can be         used in each one.

    Go wild playing in the leaf pile!

                                                           Pattern # 101                            
Price $12.00  Canadian (tax included) plus shipping 


Bear’s Paw Revisited

Wall Hanging  27” x 27”

    Make tracks with this contemporary rendition of traditional “Bear’s              Paw” design.

    Have fun choosing a feature fabric to change the feeling of the whole         project.

    Marry Aboriginal symbolism with the familiar pattern for a rich West         Coast accent. Substitute fun fabrics for classic and make a piece to             warm the heart of the outdoorsman.

    Keep in mind that the feature fabric is placed horizontally and vertically     to highlight your piecework.

                                                                           Pattern # 102                                                   
                                                                                                                                     Price $12.00  Canadian (tax included) plus shipping

 I N     H O N O U R     O F ….”

 Possible sizes: 31” sq. or 40” x 22”

    Often when we remove the poppy from our jacket after 
    November 11, our visible gratitude to those who have         fought and are fighting for our freedom gets put in a             drawer along with the flower.

    In designing “In Honour Of…” I wanted to make a tactile     piece that records the pride in our forces and recognize     those who have touched my life. As Canadians we are         often regarded as quiet and undemonstrative, I think         that this piece shreds that stereo type and will let us         show the pride and passion that makes us fiercely loyal.

  “I am Canadian, this is my country, these are my people!”

                                                        Pattern # 103
                                                                                                                                      Price $14.00 Canadian  (tax included) plus shipping                     

Dominion Days
              Possible sizes: 36 1/2" Sq. or 52 1/2" Sq.

July 1st. celebrates the signing of the British North American Act which established the independant Dominion of Canada in 1867. We are a country of vast expanses, a wonder of cultures an often understated current of patriotism.

Officially "Dominion Day" was changed to "Canada Day" on July 9, 1982 but there is no denying our roots, our growth and our pride  what ever you may call it.

                                                        Pattern # 104
                                                                                                                                      Price $14.00 Canadian  (tax included) plus shipping   

                                    To Order contact Dianne at :  FDianneLStevenson@telus.net